List of strains with endogenously-tagged loci

Strain Species Genotype
NC3292 C. elegans oig-1(wd114[oig-1::gfp11x7]) III.
NC3381 C. elegans lev-10(wd116[lev-10::gfp11x7]) I.
NC3390 C. elegans oig-1(wd114[oig-1::gfp11x7]) III; wdEx1034.
NC3492 C. elegans lev-10(wd116[lev-10::gfp11x7]) I; wdEx1086.
NC3493 C. elegans lev-10(wd116[lev-10::gfp11x7]) I; wdEx1087.
NFB1369 C. elegans ast-1(vlc19[ast-1::GFP]) II.
NFB1692 C. elegans hlh-3(vlc28[hlh-3::mNeonGreen]) II.
NFB1719 C. elegans mod-5(vlc47[mod-5::T2A::mNeonGreen]) I.
NFB1720 C. elegans tph-1(vlc46[tph-1::T2A::mNeonGreen]) II.
NFB1722 C. elegans lag-1(vlc30[lag-1::T2A::mNG]) IV.
NFB2518 C. elegans dat-1(syb4741[dat-1::T2A::NeonGreen]) III; him-8(e1489) IV.
NFB2682 C. elegans him-8(e1489) IV; osm-5(syb6528[osm-5::SL2::GFP::H2B]) X.
NK2009 C. elegans dgn-1(qy206[dgn-1::GFP]) X.
NK2225 C. elegans unc-59(qy50[unc-59::GFP::3xflag::AID]) I.
NK2318 C. elegans dgn-1(qy18[dgn-1::mNG]) X.
NK2322 C. elegans cle-1(qy22[cle-1::mNG+loxP]) I.
NK2324 C. elegans ina-1(qy23[ina-1::mNG]) III.
NK2326 C. elegans emb-9(qy24[emb-9::mNG+loxP]) III.
NK2335 C. elegans lam-2(qy20[lam-2::mNG+LoxP]) X.
NK2353 C. elegans agr-1 (qy27[agr-1::mNG+loxP]) II.
NK2404 C. elegans epi-1(qy31[epi-1::mNG+loxP]) IV.
NK2413 C. elegans sdn-1(qy29[sdn-1::mNG+loxP]) X.
NK2422 C. elegans him-4(qy33[him-4::mNG+loxP]) X.
NK2425 C. elegans lam-3(qy28[lam-3::mNG+loxP]) I.
NK2436 C. elegans pat-3(qy36[pat-3::mNG]) III.
NK2442 C. elegans mig-6(qy37[mNG+loxP::mig-6]) V.
NK2443 C. elegans nid-1(qy38[nid-1::mNG+loxP]) V.
NK2444 C. elegans pxn-2(qy39[pxn-2::mNG+loxP]) X.
NK2445 C. elegans pxn-1(qy40[pxn-1::mNG+loxP]) V.
NK2446 C. elegans lam-2(qy41[lam-2::mKate2]) X.
NK2456 C. elegans ddr-1(qy43[ddr-1::mNG+loxP]) X.
NK2457 C. elegans ddr-2(qy44[ddr-2::mNG+loxP]) X.
NK2476 C. elegans ina-1(qy46[ina-1::mKate+loxP]) III.
NK2477 C. elegans ptp-3(qy47[ptp-3::mNG+loxP]) II.
NK2478 C. elegans deb-1(qy48[deb-1::mNG + LoxP]) IV.
NK2479 C. elegans pat-2(qy49[pat-2::2xmNG]) III.
NK2500 C. elegans unc-52(qy53[unc-52::mNG+loxP]) II.
NK2502 C. elegans ten-1(qy56[ten-1::mNG+loxP]) III.
NK2503 C. elegans rap-3(qy57[rap-3::mNG]) IV.
NK2540 C. elegans fdgt-1(qy65[fgt-1::mNG +loxP]) II.
NK2555 C. elegans unc-52(qy75[mNG+loxP::unc-52]) II.
NK2557 C. elegans mig-6(qy73[mig-6::mNG+loxP]) V.
NK2565 C. elegans pxn-2(qy76[mNG+loxP::pxn-2]) X.
NK2579 C. elegans fbl-1(qy62[mNG+loxP::fbl-1]) IV.
NK2580 C. elegans spon-1(qy30[spon-1::mNG+loxP]) II.
NK2581 C. elegans gpn-1(qy35[gpn-1::mNG+loxP]) X.
NK2582 C. elegans lon-2(qy55[lon-2::mNG+loxP]) X.
NK2583 C. elegans unc-52(qy80[mNG+loxP (synthetic exon)::unc-52]) II.
NK2585 C. elegans emb-9(qy83[emb-9::mRuby2 + LoxP]) III.
NK2590 C. elegans gon-1(qy45[gon-1::mNG+loxP]) IV.
NK2604 C. elegans emb-9 (qy89[emb-9::mEos2+loxP]) III.
NK2621 C. elegans eif-1.A(qy90[eif-1.A::mNG]) IV.
NK2633 C. elegans elo-1(qy97[elo-1::mNG]) IV.
NK2643 C. elegans lin-35(n745) I; unc-52(qy80[mNG+loxP (synthetic exon)::unc-52]) II.
NK2644 C. elegans lin-35(n745) I; fbl-1(qy62[mNG+loxP::fbl-1]) IV.
NK2645 C. elegans lin-35(n745) I; him-4(qy33[him-4::mNG+loxP]) X.
NK2651 C. elegans lin-35(n745) I; emb-9(qy83[emb-9::mRuby2 + LoxP]) III.
NK2667 C. elegans F26E4.7(qy103[F26E4.7::mNG + LoxP]) I.
NK2668 C. elegans C16E9.1(qy104[C16E9.1::mNG + LoxP]) X.
NK2669 C. elegans F26E4.3(qy105[F26E4.3::mNG + LoxP]) I.
NK2672 C. elegans unc-40(qy68[unc-40::mNG + LoxP]) IV.
NK2673 C. elegans unc-5(qy70[unc-5::2xmNG + LoxP]) IV.
NK2688 C. elegans fbn-1(qy107[fbn-1::mNG (internal tag) + LoxP]) III.
NK2692 C. elegans test-1(qy108[test-1::mNG + LoxP]) IV.
NK2694 C. elegans bmdSi15 rpl-31(qy110[rpl-31::gfp11]) I.
NK2698 C. elegans sax-3(qy113[sax-3::mNG + LoxP]) X.
NK2700 C. elegans eva-1(qy114[eva-1::mNG + LoxP]) I.
NK2701 C. elegans nas-39(qy115[nas-39::mNG + LoxP]) X.
NK2702 C. elegans C48E7.6(qy116[C48E7.6::mNG + LoxP]) I.
NK2704 C. elegans cpi-2(qy117[cpi-2::mNG + LoxP]) V.
NK2705 C. elegans col-99(qy118[col-99::mNG (internal tag) + LoxP]) IV.
NK2706 C. elegans col-99(qy119[col-99::mNG + LoxP]) IV.
NK2728 C. elegans cpi-1(qy127[cpi-1::mNG + LoxP]) IV.
NK2730 C. elegans rpl-4(qy128[rpl-4::gfp11]) bmdSi15 I.
NK2751 C. elegans T19D12.6(qy149[T19D12.6::mNG + LoxP]) II.
NK2764 C. elegans adm-4(qy153[adm-4::mNG + LoxP]) X.
NK2784 C. elegans trak-1(qy158[trak-1::mNG + loxP]) I.
NK2789 C. elegans bmdSi15 I; shy61(sec-61.B::GFP11x2) IV.
NK2794 C.elegans fdgt-1(qy65[fdgt-1::mNG + loxP]) II; unc-6(ev400) X.
NK2800 C. elegans tct-1(qy161[tct-1::mNG]) I.
NK2811 C. elegans F25H2.6(qy162[F25H2.6::mNG + LoxP]) I.
NK2827 C. elegans snb-1(qy164[snb-1::mNG]) V.
NK2920 C. elegans emb-9(qy83[emb-9::mRuby2 + LoxP]) III; gon-1(qy45[gon-1::mNG+LoxP]) IV.
NK2922 C. elegans lin-35(n745) I; gon-1(qy45[gon-1::mNG+loxP]) IV.
NK2936 C. elegans unc-6(cp190[unc-6::mNG::3xFLAG + LoxP]) X.
NK2962 C. elegans rrf-3(pk1426) II; zmp-1(qy17[zmp-1::mNG::GPI]) III.
NK2964 C. elegans nifk-1(qy126[nifk-1::mNG]) zmp-1(cg115) III.
NK2987 C. elegans let-60(qy220[mNG::let-60 + LoxP]) IV.
NWG285 C. elegans lgl-1(crk66[lgl-1::GFP]) X.
NWG316 C. elegans pkc-3(crk77[I331A,T394A]) II; par-2(it328[gfp::par-2]) III.