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Carts are capped at 50 strains.  Orders may not exceed US$2500.

The CGC strain search program is currently configured for simple text searches.

"And" is assumed when multiple space-separated terms are used in a field.

Single term searches in the 'Strain' field accept the wildcard character ?, which means any single character.  The CSV button will return the entire search result as a CSV file download.

Please note: the full genotype for extrachromosomal or integrated arrays is not always present in the Genotype field. Thus, when searching for items such as gfp fusions, we recommend that you do not restrict your search to Genotype. Please search All instead.

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Acknowledging the CGC in your publications will help us maintain our funding.

Please use the following statement in any publications in which you used strains obtained from the CGC, including the grant number:

"Some strains were provided by the CGC, which is funded by NIH Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (P40 OD010440)."

Thank you!

* * * The C. elegans balancer strains from the Mitani Lab are now available to order from the CGC (Search for FX????? in field "Strain" to see the full list).  We have also fluorescently-labeled versions of several classical balancers (Search for CGC in field "Strain" to see what is currently available). * * *