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Strain Species Genotype
MT8944 C. elegans mod-5(n822) I. Show Description
5-HT loading defective.
MT9772 C. elegans mod-5(n3314) I. Show Description
Serotonin hypersensitive. Isolated as a 1688 bp deletion. Backcrossed 6 times using PCR as the assay to follow mutant chromosome. 5-HT hypersensitivity phenotype does segregate after 6 backcrosses. Hyperslowing in locomotion assay as well.
EEG108 C. elegans mod-5(n822) I; mudIs1. Show Description
mudIs1 [tph-1p::ChR2::GFP + myo-3p::mCherry]. Worms stop moving when exposed to blue light. Reference: Pokala N & Glater EE. 2018. Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education. 162(2): A152-A158.
MT11190 C. elegans mod-5(n3314) dpy-5(e61) I. Show Description
Dpy. Serotonin hypersensitive. 5-HT hypersensitivity phenotype. Hyperslowing in locomotion assay.
NFB1719 C. elegans mod-5(vlc47[mod-5::T2A::mNeonGreen]) I. Show Description
mNeonGreen tag inserted into endogenous mod-5 locus. Upstream flanking sequence: AAATTATCGATAGTTCTCTTTTAGATCCAATcCAcACtCTcACaCCAGTT. Downstream flanking sequence: TAGATAATTCTTGGTGTACTGTTGGAAGTCAACGATCGATAGCCGTGCAC. Guide sequence: ACTGGAGTAAGTGTATGAAT. Reference: Maicas et al. PLOS Biology 2021; 19(7): e3001334. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3001334