List of strains with endogenously-tagged loci

Strain Species Genotype
LN167 C. elegans rpn-6.2(rc2[rpn-6.2::GFP]) III.
LN170 C. elegans rpn-6.2(rc3[GFP + SEC::rpn-6.2b]) III.
LP162 C. elegans nmy-2(cp13[nmy-2::GFP + LoxP]) I.
LP172 C. elegans hmr-1(cp21[hmr-1::GFP + LoxP]) I.
LP176 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; che-12(cp25[che-12::GFP + LoxP + unc-119(+) + LoxP]) V.
LP177 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; che-12(cp26[GFP + LoxP + unc-119(+) + LoxP]) V.
LP184 C. elegans mom-5(cp31[mom-5::YPET + LoxP]) I.
LP191 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; hmp-1(cp20[hmp-1::GFP + LoxP unc-119(+) LoxP]) V.
LP198 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; che-12(cp34[gfp::che-12 + LoxP + unc-119(+) + LoxP]) V.
LP212 C. elegans pkc-3(cp41[mNeonGreen:3xFlag::pkc-3 + LoxP]) II.
LP216 C. elegans par-6(cp45[par-6::mNeonGreen::3xFlag + LoxP unc-119(+) LoxP]) I; unc-119(ed3) III.
LP228 C. elegans dsh-2(cp51[mNeonGreen::dsh-2]) II.
LP242 C. elegans par-3(cp54[mNeonGreen::3xFlag::par-3]) III.
LP244 C. elegans par-6(cp60[par-6::mKate2::3xMyc + LoxP unc-119(+) LoxP]) I; unc-119(ed3) III.
LP252 C. elegans mrck-1(cp65[mrck-1::YPet + LoxP]) V.
LP256 C. elegans nmy-2(cp69[nmy-2::mkate2 + LoxP]) I.
LP316 C. elegans hmp-2(cp78[GFP::hmp-2a + LoxP]) III.
LP322 C. elegans nmy-2(ne3409) hmr-1(cp21[hmr-1::GFP + LoxP]) I.
LP362 C. elegans gex-3(cp114[mNG-C1^3xFlag::gex-3]) IV.
LP373 C. elegans mex-5(cp125[mNG-C1^3xFlag::mex-5]) IV.
LP393 C. elegans oma-2(cp145[mNG-C1^3xFlag::oma-2]) V.
LP399 C. elegans rap-1(cp151[mNG-C1^3xFlag::rap-1]) IV.
LP435 C elegans apr-1(cp166[mNG-C1^3xFlag::apr-1]) I.
LP439 C elegans nud-2(cp170[nud-2::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) I.
LP443 C elegans klp-17(cp174[klp-17::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) II.
LP447 C elegans klp-7(cp178[klp-7::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) III.
LP451 C elegans bicd-1(cp180[mNG-C1^3xFlag::bicd-1]) IV.
LP462 C. elegans mrck-1(cp189[mrck-1::GFP::3xFlag]) V.
LP511 C. elegans lin-3(cp226[lin-3::mNG::3xFLAG]) IV.
LP521 C elegans klp-12(cp234[klp-12::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) IV.
LP527 C elegans mes-1(cp240[mes-1::mNG-C1^3xFlag] X.
LP530 C elegans cam-1(cp243[cam-1::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) II.
LP538 C. elegans gsk-3(cp251[gsk-3::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) I.
LP559 C. elegans mom-2(cp267[mom-2::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) V.
LP560 C elegans dhc-1(cp268[dhc::mNG-C1::3xFlag]) I.
LP563 C elegans dnc-1(cp271[dnc::mNG-C1::3xFlag]) IV.
LP585 C elegans lin-5(cp288[lin-5::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) II.
LP591 C elegans lis-1(cp294[lis-1::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) III.
LP598 C elegans dlg-1(cp301[dlg-1::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) X.
LP600 C elegans klp-4(cp303[klp-4::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) X.
LP604 C elegans klp-8(cp307[klp-8::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) X.
LP608 C elegans klp-20(cp311[klp-20::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) III.
LP621 C. elegans par-3(cp323[HaloTag-GLO^par-3]) III.
LP634 C. elegans pkc-3(cp328[HaloTag-GLO^pkc-3]) II.
LP637 C. elegans par-2(cp329[mNG-C1^par-2]) III.
LP653 C. elegans par-6(cp345[par-6::HaloTag-GLO]) I.
LP697 C. elegans mom-5(cp367[mom-5::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) I.
LP705 C elegans dsh-1(cp375[dsh-1DIX::mNG-C1^3xFlag::PDZ,DEP]) II.
LP713 C elegans pry-1(cp383[pry-1::mNG-C1^3xFlag]) I.
LP728 C elegans mig-5(cp385[mNG-GLO::AID::mig-5]) II.
LP858 C. elegans lea-1(cp431[mNG::3x FLAG::AID::lea-1]) V.
LP859 C. elegans lea-1(cp430[lea-1::mYPet::3x FLAG]) V.
LP860 C. elegans daf-2(e1370) III; lea-1(cp431[mNG::3x FLAG::AID::lea-1]) V.
LP861 C. elegans daf-2(e1370) III; lea-1(cp430[lea-1::mYPET::3x FLAG]) V.
LP893 C. elegans unc-94a(cp437[mNG-C1::unc-94a]) I.
LP894 C. elegans unc-94b(cp438[mNG-C1::unc-94b]) I.
LP896 C. elegans unc-94(cp439[unc-94::mNG-C1]) I; cap-1(cp436[mScarlet-I-C1::cap-1]) IV.
LP897 C. elegans fli-1(cp440[fli-1::mNG-C1]) III.
LP898 C. elegans eps-8(cp441[eps-8::mNG-C1]) IV.