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Strain Species Genotype
LN170 C. elegans rpn-6.2(rc3[GFP + SEC::rpn-6.2b]) III. Show Description
Roller. Reduced brood size and reduced sperm count. CRISPR/Cas9 GFP insertion at amino acid 216 of RPN-6.2a. Expression of GFP in the spermatogenic germline. The SEC (self excising cassette) contains the stop codon and transcriptional termination signal for GFP as well as a sqt-1(d) allele. Pick rollers to maintain the strain with the SEC. Excision will result in an in frame fusion of GFP at amino acid 216 of RPN-6.2a or amino acid 5 of RPN-6.2b.
DA650 C. elegans Show Description
Clumps. Found in strain RC301. See 1987 Worm Meeting Abstract Book page 162. npr-1 pka bor-1.
DA702 C. elegans eat-16(ad702) I. Show Description
Note: ad702 was isolated in an RC301 background. DA702 was not tested for the presence of npr-1(g320) following three rounds of outcrossing to N2 Bristol. DA702 does not display clumping behavior, so it's likely that DA702 has the Bristol npr-1. New stock rec'd 10/13/99.
DA707 C. elegans eat-17(ad707) X. Show Description
Eat mutant. Stuffs corpus and isthmus. Abnormality in m6 and m7 contraction timing. Displays clumping behavior; isolated in an RC301 background, so it's likely to have the RC301 bor-1 mutation.
RC301 C. elegans Show Description
Reference WBG 9(3) 29 and 10(2) 140-141. npr-1 pka bor-1. Caenorhabditis elegans wild isolate (Tc1 pattern HCF).
RC399 C. elegans mett-10(g38) dpy-18(e364) III. Show Description
Dpy. Maternal effect temperature sensitive embryonic lethal - leaky. Maintain at 15C. mett-10 was formerly known as let-42.