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Strain Species Genotype
LP322 C. elegans nmy-2(ne3409) hmr-1(cp21[hmr-1::GFP + LoxP]) I. Show Description
Maintain at 15C. Semi-permissive at 20C. 100% lethal at 25C. cp21[hmr-1::gfp + LoxP] I males were crossed to WM179 nmy-2(ne3409) hermaphrodites. Fluorescence in early embryos, larvae, and adults. Severe cytokinesis defects in early embryos at 25°C. Reference: Marston DJ, et al. Curr Biol. 2016 26:2079-2089.
WM179 C. elegans nmy-2(ne3409) I. Show Description
Isolated from Hawaiian strain CB4856. Temperature sensitive embryonic lethal. Cytokinesis failure and polarity defects at 25C. Maintain at 15C. RNAi sensitive.