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Strain Species Genotype
LP563 C elegans dnc-1(cp271[dnc::mNG-C1::3xFlag]) IV. Show Description
FP knock-in. Reference: Heppert JK, et al. 2017 Genetics. In press.
EU1006 C. elegans dnc-1(or404) IV. Show Description
Temperature sensitive. At 15C, 100% viable. At 26C, 2% viable. At 25C, 10% viable. Missense mutation R to C at position 1237 (nucleotide #3709: cgt to tgt). Reduced brood size after upshift. Received new stock 12/04.
EU1257 C. elegans dnc-1(or676) IV. Show Description
Temperature-sensitive embryonic lethal. Maintain at 15C. Reference: O'Rourke SM, et al. PLoS One. 2011 Mar 1;6(3):e16644.
WH257 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; ojIs5. Show Description
ojIs5 [pie-1p::GFP::dnc-1 + unc-119(+)]