Strain Information

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Species C. elegans
Genotypedpy-5(e61) unc-13(e450) hDf9/szT1 [lon-2(e678)] I; +/szT1 X.
DescriptionWild-type phenotype, Him. Segregates wild-type, Lon-2 males and two classes of arrested embryos (dpy-5 unc-13 hDf9 homozygotes and szT1 aneuploids). Lon males are fertile, carrying hDf9 and both szT1 half translocations (arising by meiotic nondisjunction of normal X chromosome). Maintain by picking wild-type and checking for correct segregation of progeny. This strain was generated by the Genetic Toolkit project, which should be acknowledged in any publications resulting from its use: The Genetic Toolkit is funded by the NIH National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) (USA) to Ann M. Rose, David L. Baillie, and Donald L. Riddle. Report all experimental results to Ann Rose.
Mutagen1500 R gamma
Made byRose A
Laboratory KR
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