Strain Information

Name JK6080   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypepuf-3(q1058[3xV5::puf-3]) IV.
Description3x V5 epitope tags inserted into endogenous puf-3 locus. Expresses functional 3x V5-tagged PUF-3. Reference: Haupt KA, Genetics. 2020 Jan;214(1):147-161. PMID: 31740451
Made byKimberly Haupt
Laboratory JK
Reference A PUF Hub Drives Self-Renewal in Caenorhabditis elegans Germline Stem Cells. Kimberly A. Haupt, Kimberly T. Law, Amy L. Enright, Charlotte R. Kanzler, Heaji Shin, Marvin Wickens and Judith Kimble. Genetics, Vol. 214, Issue 1, 1 January 2020, Pages 147-161
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