Strain Information

Name DR1942   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypedaf-2(e979) III.
DescriptionThis strain forms 20% dauers at 15C. At 25C there occurs about 25% embryonic arrest and about 75% L1 arrest. The e979 mutation results in an amino acid substitution, C146Y, in the ligand-binding domain of the DAF-2 receptor. [CGC received new stock of DR1942 September 2002. Previous stock was probably m41 and not e979.] [June 2004: Patrice Albert has confirmed the mutation in this stock: Repeat of sequencing for CGC collection strain DR1942 [daf-2(e979)] is complete. The strain does carry a C146Y mutation (coding strand TGC to TAC) [Mutation position is at 143, not 146, based on the amino acid sequence shown in Wormbase for daf-2. It's the C in partial sequence EKRCGPI of Exon 5.].]
MutagenNo mutagen
Laboratory GA
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