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Species C. elegans
GenotypedvIs19 III; skn-1(zu67) IV/nT1 [unc-?(n754) let-?] (IV;V).
DescriptiondvIs19 [(pAF15) gst-4p::GFP::NLS] III. Oxidative stress-inducible GFP. Segregates Unc skn-1(zu67) heterozygotes, arrested eggs/larvae (nT1 homozygotes), and wild type skn-1(zu67) homozygotes (sterile). All genotypes show constitutive weak GFP expression. Upon exposure to SKN-1 inducers (e.g., azide), strong induction of GFP is observered in skn-1/+ hets; there is no induction in skn-1 homozygotes. Pick Uncs to maintain -- although this strain is nominally balanced, nT1 can break down. Reference: Dostal, V., et al. Genetics. 2010 Nov;186(3):857-66.
Mutagengamma irradiation
Made byChris Link
Laboratory CL
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