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Name CL6180   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypesmg-1(cc546) I; dvIs19 III; skn-1(zu67)/nT1 [unc-?(n754) let-?] (IV;V); dvIs27 X.
DescriptiondvIs19 [(pAF15) gst-4p::GFP::NLS] III. dvIs27 [myo-3p::A-Beta (1-42)::let-851 3'UTR) + rol-6(su1006)] X. Roller with weak constitutive GFP expression. Balanced strain, segregates Rol Uncs [skn-1(zu67) heterozygotes], Rol nonUncs [skn-1(zu67) homozygotes] and dead eggs. Maintain by picking Rol Uncs. Paralyzed if upshifted as larvae to 25C. References: Dostal, V and Link CD (2010) J Vis Exp. Oct 9;(44). Dostal V, Roberts CM, Link CD (2010) Genetics Nov;186(3):857-66. [NOTE: The temperature-sensitive allele cc546 causes an M1957L change in SMG-1. The lesion is an atg>ttg transversion in exon 35. Flanking sequences follow with the mutation site indicated with a capital A: ttggtggtcggttacaaaacgatattcaaga tcactggcagtcatgagtAtggttggatcagttttaggactcggtgatcg acatttggacaatttattg The lesion is detectable via SNP-snip with the mutation causing loss of an MslI site. Primers are for a 323 bp product. Digest with MslI to 86+237 in the wild type, uncut as 323 in the mutant. DJR701(f): CAGTCGTGAGCTTTGGATGCGTGC DJR702(r): TCGGGGATACGCAGATTCTTTCCC. Pedone ... Reiner G3 (2021).]
MutagenGamma radiation
Made byChris Link
Laboratory CL
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