Strain Information

Name WHY178   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypepgl-1(gg547[pgl-1::3x flag::tagRFP]) IV; eggd-2(how6) V
Descriptionhow6 is a random 17 nt insertion after the eggd-2 (F58G11.3) start codon. The allele is presumably null, but at least a strong hypomorph. PGL-1::tagRFP localization in the germ line is apparently wildtype but is defective in embryos. Particularly after the first 1-2 rounds of cell division, PGL-1::tagRFP does not robustly localize to the P lineage. Strain becomes sterile over successive generations and is less fertile than wildtype. eggd-2 is also independently reported as mip-2.
Made byWen Tang
Laboratory WHY
Reference Ian F Price, Hannah L Hertz, Benjamin Pastore, Jillian Wagner, Wen Tang (2021) Proximity labeling identifies LOTUS domain proteins that promote the formation of perinuclear germ granules in C. elegans eLife 10:e72276
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