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Name RM3670   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypesup-1(e995) III.
Descriptione995 homozygotes are superficially wild type in appearance, development, and behavior. e995 is a strong, dominant suppressor of UNC-17 G347R mutations (including e245, e359, p300). e995 corresponds to G84E (gga>>gaa) in the SUP-1 transmembrane domain. PCR method for scoring the e995 mutation in individual worms is presented in the Supporting Information File of Mathews et al., 2012. [Note: although it has been suggested that unc-123 and sup-1 represent the same gene (Walthall et al. 1993), sequence analysis demonstrated no molecular lesions at the sup-1 locus in unc-123 mutants (Mathews et al., 2012). Therefore unc-123 and sup-1 represent different genes.] Reference: Mathews EA, et al. Genetics. 2012 Dec;192(4):1315-25.
Made byEllie Mathews
Laboratory RM
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