Strain Information

Name RDV84   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
GenotyperdvIs1 III; ddIs6 V.
DescriptionrdvIs1 [egl-17p::Myri-mCherry::pie-1 3'UTR + egl-17p::mig-10::YFP::unc-54 3'UTR + egl-17p::mCherry-TEV-S::his-24 + rol-6(su1006)] III. ddIs6 [pie-1p::GFP::tbg-1 + unc-119(+)] V. Rollers, red fluorescence in vulvae. YFP cannot be detected. Maintain at 20C. Reference: Ou G, et al. Science. 2010 Oct 29;330(6004):677-80.
MutagenNo mutagen
Made byGuangshuo Ou
Laboratory GOU
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