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Species C. elegans
Genotypenhr-49(et8) I; mdt-15(et14) III.
DescriptionThis double mutant strain contains an excess polyunsaturated fatty acids in its cell membranes accompanied by excess lipid peroxidation, cell permeability, increased autophagy and other defects. The nhr-49(et8) C9873765T [WS200] mutation can be detected by PCR using the following primers: nhr-49 Fwd: 5’-CAGATTATGATTCGTGATGCTAGA-3; nhr-49 WT Rev: 5’-GAGATGAAAGATGTTGCTGTAGAG-3; nhr-49 Mut Rev: 5’-GAGATGAAAGATGTTGCTGTAGAA-3’. Annealing 65°C, expected products ~300 bp. The mdt-15(et14) C5832666T [WS200] mutation can be detected by PCR using the following primers: mdt-15(et14) Mut Fwd: 5’-GTGCCTCCAGATCCACAGCT-3’; mdt-15(et14) WT Fwd: 5’-GTGCCTCCAGATCCACAGCC-3’; mdt-15 Rev: 5’-CACCCATTGGAGCACCACT-3’. Annealing 65°C, expected product ~400 bp. Reference: Devkota R, et al. Genetics (in press). Volume 219, Issue 1, September 2021.
Made byRakesh Bodhicharla
Laboratory QC
Reference Devkota, R., Kaper, D., Bodhicharla, R., Henricsson, M., Borén, J. And Pilon, M. (2021). A genetic titration of membrane composition in Caenorhabditis elegans reveals its importance for multiple cellular and physiological traits. Genetics (in press).
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