Strain Information

Name QC154   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypepaqr-2(tm3410) III; paqr-1(tm3262) IV.
DescriptionThis double mutant strain has a severely deformed tail tip and is intolerant of cold (will not grow then die at 15°C) and of dietary saturated fatty acids. Its cell membranes are rigid and rich in saturated fatty acids, and the strain has a small brood size, slow locomotion, permeable cells, autophagy defects as well as other phenotypes. References: Svensson E, et al. PLoS ONE 6(6):e21343. PMID: 21712952. Devkota R, et al. Genetics (in press). Volume 219, Issue 1, September 2021.
Made byEmma Svensk
Laboratory QC
Reference Svensson, E., Olsen, L., Mörck, C., Brackmann, C., Enejder, A., Faergeman, N. J. and Pilon, M. (2011). The adiponectin receptor homologs in C. elegans promote energy utilization and homeostasis. PLoS ONE 6(6):e21343 Devkota, R., Kaper, D., Bodhicharla, R., Henricsson, M., Borén, J. And Pilon, M. (2021). A genetic titration of membrane composition in Caenorhabditis elegans reveals its importance for multiple cellular and physiological traits. Genetics (in press).
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