Strain Information

Name QC146   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypefld-1(et49) I; iglr-2(et34) III.
DescriptionThe fld-1 mutation acts as a suppressor of iglr-2 but the strain still displays weak version of the iglr-2 phenotypes including reduced growth in the presence of glucose or at 15°C, and occasionally produces a tail tip defect.
Made byRakesh Bodhicharla
Laboratory QC
Reference Mario Ruiz, Rakesh Bodhicharla, Emma Svensk, Ranjan Devkota, Kiran Busayavalasa, Henrik Palmgren1, Marcus Ståhlman, Jan Borén and Marc Pilon. (2018) Membrane Fluidity Is Regulated By The C. elegans Transmembrane Protein FLD-1 And Its Human Homologs TLCD1/2. eLife (in Press)
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