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Name OP50(xu363)   View On Wormbase
Species Escherichia coli
GenotypeE. coli [ura-, strR, rnc-, (delta)attB::FRT-lacI-lacUV5p-T7).
DescriptionBacteria. RNAi-compatible OP50 strain. Slow growing. When growing this strain, pick single colonies for liquid culture (at least 20 hrs) from a freshly streaked tetracycline LB plate. Do not include tetracycline in liquid culture, as Tet in liquid culture can have long lasting effects on worm lifespan. The authors recommend using standard PEG transformation method to make competent OP50(xu363) cells, but other ways to make competent cells will also likely work for OP50(xu363). Reference: Xiao R, et al. Cell Rep. 2015 May 19;11(7):1123-33.
Made byShawn Xu
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