Strain Information

Name OH17932   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypelinc-26(ot1227[linc-26p::SL1::tbb-2 5'UTR::GFP::H2B::loxP::sqt-1(d)::hygR::loxP::3xFLAG::tbb-2 3'UTR]) IV.
DescriptionThe Null Transcriptional Reporter (NuTR) cassette was used to remove the linc-23 locus resulting in a null allele and transcriptional reporter driving expression of GFP. The cassette contains the dominant sqt-1(e1350) allele that results in roller animals. Expression of Cre (via crossing into a strain expressing a germline Cre or by injection of a Cre transgene) will result in removal of the selectable markers and result in non-roller animals. Pick Rollers to retain full transgene cassette. GFP expression is seen in the male somatic gonad and extremely dim expression in hermaphrodite spermatheca.
Made bySandeep Wontakal
Laboratory OH
Reference n/a
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