Strain Information

Name OH16765   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
DescriptionotIs794 [cho-1(fosmid)::NLS::SL2::YFP::H2B + eat-4(fosmid)::SL2::LSSmOrange::H2B + unc-47p::tagBFP2 + cat-1p::mMaroon + rab-3p1::2xNLS::tagRFP]. cho-1 fosmid reporter construct labels cholinergic neurons. eat-4 fosmid reporter construct labels glutamatergic neurons. unc-47p::tagBFP2 reporter (contains -2778 to -1 promoter region) labels GABAergic neurons. cat-1p::mMaroon reporter (contains -1599 to -1) labels monoaminergic neurons. rab-3p::tagRFP (contains -1462 to +2921 of prom1) labels all neurons (pan-neuronal marker). Reference: Leyva-Diaz E & Hobert O. Current Biol. 2022 Mar 3;S0960-9822(22)00262-7. PMID: 35259341
Made byCyril Cros and Molly Reilly
Laboratory OH
Reference Leyva-Diaz and Hobert, Robust regulatory architecture of pan-neuronal gene expression, Current Biology (2022),
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