Strain Information

Name OH14486   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypegcy-5(ot835[gcy-5::SL2::mNeonGreen]) II; otTi6 X.
Descriptionot835 [gcy-5::SL2::mNeonGreen] III. otTi6 [hsp16-41p::che-1::2xFLAG] X. otTi6 is a miniMOS insertion of heatshock inducible che-1. Under normal growth conditions, very dim expression of gcy-5 is observed in the ASER and RIGL/R neurons. Upon heatshock, induction of CHE-1 leads to ectopic expression of gcy-5 (ectopic expression varies depending upon age at heatshock and genetic background).
Made byTulsi Patel
Laboratory OH
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