Strain Information

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Species C. elegans
Genotyperab-11.1(qy190[mNG::rab-11.1]) I.
DescriptionmNG tag inserted into the N-terminus of the endogenous rab-11.1 locus. Homozygous worms do not grow up to adulthood. The strain has to be maintained as heterozygotes. The heterozygotes segregate homozygous mNG::rab-11.1 progeny with brighter fluorescence and heterozygous animals with a dimmer fluorescence. To maintain the strain pick worms with dimmer fluorescence. Reference: Costa, D. S., Kenny-Ganzert, I. W., Chi, Q., Park, K., Kelley, L. C., Garde, A., Matus, D. Q., Park, J., Yogev, S., Goldstein, B., Gibney, T. V., Pani, A. M., & Sherwood, D. R. (2023). The Caenorhabditis elegans anchor cell transcriptome: Ribosome biogenesis drives cell invasion through basement membrane. Development, 150(9).
Made byDavid Sherwood
Laboratory NK
Reference n/a
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