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Species C. elegans
GenotypeC. elegans wild type (ancestral).
DescriptionWT C. elegans. From Cambridge collection-originally frozen around 1968: In 1980, in order to establish an ancestral stock, Jonathan Hodgkin thawed one of the earliest frozen tubes of N2, dating from 1968. From this plate J.H. grew up a population en masse (without subculturing) on NGM plates (about 2 generations). Multiple samples of this were frozen in order to provide a reference N2 stock. This set of stock samples was replenished by regrowth in 1985 and 1991, using the same procedure, and a freshly thawed sample was sent to the CGC in 1993. Thus, samples from this frozen stock, called N2 (ancestral), should be only about 6 generations away from the stock used by Sydney Brenner as his standard WT N2. [Isolated from mushroom compost near Bristol, England by L.N. Staniland. Cultured by W.L. Nicholas, identified to genus by Gunther Osche and species by Victor Nigon; subsequently cultured by C.E. Dougherty. Given to Sydner Brenner ca. 1966.] Caenorhabditis elegans wild isolate. Note: N2 (ancestral) has reduced lifespan and fertility relative to the standard CGC N2 strains. See Worm Breeder's Gazette 16(5): 24 (February 1,2001).
Laboratory CB
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