Strain Information

Name MC907   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypeaatf-1(gc63 gc64) I.
DescriptionGain-of-function mutation. Suppresses hypoxia resistance of ddx-52(gc51). gc63 gc64 occurred in the same mutagenesis; unclear which allele (or if both) is causing the gain of function. Reference: Itani OA, et al. Current Biology. 2021/01/11/ 2021;31(1):128-137.e5. PMID: 33157031.
Made byOmar Itani
Laboratory MC
Reference Itani OA, Zhong X, Tang X, et al. Coordinate Regulation of Ribosome and tRNA Biogenesis Controls Hypoxic Injury and Translation. Current Biology. 2021/01/11/ 2021;31(1):128-137.e5. PMCID: PMC7855744
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