Strain Information

Name HS304   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypeswsn-1(os22) V.
DescriptionTemperature sensitive. At 22.5C, maternal effect embryonic lethal. Temperature shift-up to 22.5C during embryogenesis results in animals with Egl, Pvul and Psa (phasmid socket absent) phenotypes. Shift-up to 25C results in growth arrest at larval stage. The T cell division can be symmetric as in lin-17 mutants. At 15C, nearly WT. Males grown at 15C can mate very well. psa-1 encodes a homolog of yeast SW13, a component of the SWI/SNF complex. Sequence data of this strain revealed the mutation is actually GTC/CCC/TCA to GTC/CTC/TCA causing a P86L substitution (G. Hayes).
Made byHitoshi Sawa
Laboratory HS
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