Strain Information

Name EW15   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypebar-1(ga80) X.
Description[NOTE: (10/22/2020) This strain also carries a (T to A) missense mutation in pry-1 which results in a PRY-1 N354K amino acid substitution.] bar-1(ga80) hermaphrodites are usually Egl and often have a protruding vulva (Pvl), although approx. 40% of animals appear WT on plates. Also slightly Unc. In bar-1(ga80) hermaphrodites any of the six vulval precursor cells (P3.p - P8.p) can sometimes fuse with hyp7 without dividing, and P5.p - P7.p can adopt the tertiary cell fate instead of the primary or secondary fates. In addition, the neuroblast QL and its progeny migrate towards the anterior instead of the posterior, and the cell P12 usually adopts the fate of P11. bar-1(ga80) do mate, but poorly. bar-1 encodes a beta-catenin molecule and the ga80 mutation is predicted to cause an early truncation of the protein.
Made byDave Eisenmann
Laboratory EW
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