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Name EU716   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypezen-4(or153) IV.
DescriptionTemperature-sensitive, embryonic-lethal mutant that lacks a central spindle during early embryonic mitosis and exhibits a late cytokinesis defect (cleavage furrows regress after ingressing in nearly to the center of dividing embryonic cells). About 100% of embryos produced by homozygous mothers hatch at 15C; 0% hatch at 26C. ZEN-4 = vertebrate MKLP1 kinesin. There are two mis-sense mutations present in zen-4(or153). One is a D520N (GAC to AAC) and the other is D735N (GAT to AAT). Whether one or both is responsible for the phenotype is not know. Maintain at 15C. Shift L4s to 26 overnight to observe mutant phenotype on embyros produced by adults.
Made byAaron Severson
Laboratory EU
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