Strain Information

Name EU1383   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypeact-2(ok1229) V.
DescriptionStrain is homozygous viable due to redundancy of act- and act-3 genes. AT 15C, all embyros produced by homozygous mothers hatch; at 26C, 88% of embryos hatch. Deletion which removes 544 nucleotides of act-2 plus the predicted 3' UTR and 705 nucleotides 3' of that. This removes 163/376 amino acids of the act-2 sequence (calculated with ATG methionine included). Sequence of deletion is (text inside of slashes is deleted, with 5' and 3' sequences shown): (exon#2)5'....gtgaaatcgtgcgtgacatc/aaggagaagctttgtt........ ...tggatagacattggtgt/gcgcactccttctggat.....3'(872 nucleotides from stop codon). Removes 489/1131 coding base pairs, beginning in second exn and extending beyond the 3' UTR.
Made byJohn Willis
Laboratory EU
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