Strain Information

Name EU1073   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypehim-8(e1489) IV; act-2(or295) V.
DescriptionWeakly semi-dominant, temperature sensitive, embryonic lethal mutant. 38% of embyros produced by homozygous mothers at 15C will hatch; 2% produced at 26C will hatch. Mutation is semi-dominant at 26C: 12% of embryos produced by heterozygous mothers hatched at 26C, and about 25% of the survivors were or295/or295, indicating the lethality is semi-dominant and maternal. Mutant embyros exhibit excess cortical actomyosin contractility (extra furrows and protrusions) in early embryonic cells, during interphase and most of mitosis. Throws males. or295 is a gga to aga substitution (G16R).
Made byJohn Willis
Laboratory EU
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