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Name DLW14   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypeunc-5(lib1[myo-3p::GFP(-) + unc-119(+) + myo-2p::GFP(Mos1)]) IV; krIs14 V.
DescriptionkrIs14 [hsp-16.48p::MosTransposase + lin-15(+) + unc-122p::GFP] V. Recessive Unc. unc-5(lib1) is a CRISPR/Cas9 engineered mutant carrying the Intersister/Intrachromatid Repair Assay (ICR Assay) cassette inserted into the endogenous unc-5 locus. Briefly, ICR assay cassette includes two tandem GFP cassettes: the upstream using the myo-3 (body wall) promoter with a truncated GFP coding sequence, and the down-stream using the myo-2 (pharynx) promoter with GFP coding sequence interrupted by a Mos1 Drosophila transposon. Excision of Mos1 yields a single DSB, which if repaired by intersister or intrachromatid recombination, then will yield GFP+ progeny. The krIs14 insertion carrying heat-shock inducible Mos1 transposase is marked with coelomocyte GFP expression. Reference: Toraason E, et al. Current Biology 2021.
Made byMarissa Glover
Laboratory DLW
Reference Toraason, E., Horacek, A., Clark, C., Glover, M.L., Adler, V.L., Premkumar, T., Salagean, A., Cole, F., and Libuda, D.E. Meiotic DNA break repair can utilize homolog-independent chromatid templates in C. elegans. Current Biology 2021.
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