Strain Information

Name CZ3715   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypegcy-33(ok232) V.
Description1237bp deletion in cosmid F57F5. Break points are 743 and 1980 with respect to F57F5. Sequence at the break point is: TGAGAAGTTTATAAAAAAGTA / AAACTTAAGAGTTTTCAGTCA. Primers: ok232u1: GGATTGCTTACGTGCATC; ok232d1: ATTACATTTGCAGAAACTCG; ok232d2: CTCTTCTCACTCAAATGATG. ok232u1/d1 = 322bp product with WT allele. ok232d2/u1 = 397bp product with ok232 allele.
Made byMartin Hudson
Laboratory CX
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