Strain Information

Name CP161   View On Wormbase
Species C. briggsae
GenotypeCbr-unc-119(nm67) III; nmIs7.
DescriptionnmIs7 [Cni-mss-1(+) + Cni-mss-2(+) + Cbr-myo-2::GFP + unc-119(+)]. Insertion site of transgene is not known, but it is not in LG III or X. Males with this transgene are more competitive in siring progeny; also a higher ratio of males in the population. Derived from parental strain CP99, which in turn was derived from AF16. Reference: Yin D, et al. Science. 2018 Jan 5;359(6371):55-61.
MutagenNo mutagen
Made byDa Yin
Laboratory CP
Reference Yin D, Schwarz EM, Thomas CG, Rebecca LF, Korf I, Cutter AD, Schartner CM, Ralston EJ, Meyer BJ, Haag ES. Rapid genome shrinkage in a self-fertile nematode reveals sperm competition proteins. Science. 359: 55-61 (2018)
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