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Name CGC1   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
GenotypeC. elegans wild isolate.
DescriptionCGC1 (formerly known as PD1074) is intended to be used as a wild-type reference strain with the closely matched genome assembly of Yoshimura, et al. (Genome Res. 2019 Jun;29(6):1009-1022) available on Wormbase as VC2010-1.0. (ENA study accession PRJEB28388; assembly accession GCA_900538205). CGC1 is a defined and recently cloned population of animals derived from the original "Bristol" variant of C. elegans originally obtained by Brenner from E. Dougherty with no known history of mutagenesis. Brenner's original population, called N2, was used as the basis for the vast majority of laboratory strains in use currently. No early frozen stock of the unmutagenized N2 population currently exists, but later stocks were available from several laboratories. CGC1 is a clonal population founded by picking a single worm of one such stock, VC3510. VC3510 in turn derives from a subpopulation of N2 described in the literature as VC2010. We note that CGC1 is expected to be largely similar to most lab N2 strains, but that as a clonal isolate derived from N2, there will be some loci that will vary compared to any other particular N2 isolate. One such example is a partial deletion of the alh-2 locus in CGC1. Additional loci that were found to vary between the prior N2 reference genome (WormBase release WS264) and the VC2010-1.0 assembly are detailed in supplemental table 8 in Yoshimura, et al, (2019).
Made byKaren Artiles & Mark Edgley
Laboratory PD
Reference Under editorial consideration at Genome Research, complete reference update will be provided later.
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