Strain Information

Name CB5161   View On Wormbase
Species C. brenneri
GenotypeCaenorhabditis brenneri.
DescriptionMale-female strain. Reference WBG 9(3) 121. Isolated from sugar cane in Trinidad by D.J. Hunt (Commonwealth Institute of Parasitology). [7/7/93: Scott Baird and David Fitch question whether this strain is really C. remanei.] [7/95: Not cross-fertile with the authentic C. remanei isolated by Walter Sudhaus.] Previously called C. remanei by the CGC. Walter Sudhaus has tentatively described this strain as Caenorhabditis sp.; this description is not offical and is contigent upon its being published. See WBPaper00002633 and WBPaper00003993. sp. 4 in Kiontke and Sudhaus Wormbook Ecology chapter.
MutagenNo mutagen
Made byAndras Fodor
Laboratory CB
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