Strain Information

Name AMH91   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypeunc-104(e1265) II; olaEx3013.
DescriptionolaEx3013 [ttx-3p::mCherry::eGFP::lgg-1 + unc-122p::mCherry]. Pick animals with mCherry+ coelomocytes to maintain array. Unc. Slow moving. Tandem tags on LGG-1 label immature autophagosomes with both GFP and mCherry, but because GFP is preferentially quenched in an acidic environment, mature structures lose their GFP signal and display solely mCherry signal. Reference: Hill SE & Colon-Ramos D. 2018 bioRxiv 287144; doi:
MutagenNo mutagen
Made byAndrea Holgado
Laboratory AMH
Reference N/A
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