Strain Information

Name SV411   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
GenotypeheDf1 maIs103/lon-2(e678) unc-9(e101) X.
DescriptionmaIs103[rnr::GFP unc-36(+)] X. The heDf1 deletion includes cdk-4. Heterozygotes produce 1/4 thin, sterile, uncoordinated animals that fail to undergo postembryonic somatic cell divisions. heDf1 mutants are of L1 size, smaller than cdk-4 mutants. lon-2 and unc-9 do not exactly balance heDf1, but unc-9 is pretty close. It should also be possible to follow the heterozygotes by looking at the GFP. Despite trying, unable to separate the maIs integration from heDf1 or the other cdk-4 alleles. By maintaining animals with GFP (visible especially in early animals and in eggs) you should be able to maintain heDf1. rnr::GFP is expressed during S-phase in heterozygous animals. rnr::GFP expression is not detected in heDf1 animals. maIs103 is tightly linked to heDf1. Maintain by picking several single animals and scoring for 1/4 mutant progeny.
Made byMike Boxem
Laboratory SV
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