Strain Information

Name NKZ392   View On Wormbase
Species C. sp 36
GenotypeCaenorhabditis sp 36 wild isolate.
DescriptionCaenorhabditis sp 36 wild isolate. Male-female strain. Maintain by mating. Maintain at 25C. A gonochoristic species isolated from adult weevils (Niphades variegatus), with whom they appear to be tightly associated during its life cycle. A genome comparison highlighted that C. sp. 36 has the smallest genome so far sequenced in the elegans supergroup, despite of being closely related to the largest genome species, C. japonica.
MutagenNo mutagen
Made byNatsumi Kanzaki
Laboratory 3658
Reference Sun et al. The compact genome of a new Caenorhabditis species Caenorhabditis niphades n. sp., isolated from Niphades beetles. (Under submission)
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