Strain Information

Name KG744   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypepde-4(ce268) II.
DescriptionHyperactive locomotion and hypersensitive to stimuli such as plate dropping. Restores wild type levels of locomotion to paralyzed ric-8(md303) mutants. Most, but not all adults, appear significantly Egl-c. Some mature adults are thinner than normal. Aldicarb sensitivity, growth rate, pumping, length, and distribution on food are all similar to wild type. The ce268 mutation is a D448N change relative to PDE-4D isoform. It disrupts the catalytic domain by changing one of the four active site residues that together chelate an active site zinc atom. Inheritance is semi-dominant due to dominant negative side effects.
Made byKen Miller
Laboratory KG
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