Strain Information

Name KG4247   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
GenotypeceIs201 I.
DescriptionceIs201 [unc-17p::ins-22::Venus + unc-17p::RFP + unc-17p::ssmCherry + myo-2p::RFP]; integration site maps to I:0.77. Expresses INS-22::Venus to mark Dense Core Vesicles in the cholinergic nervous system, including the ventral cord cholinergic motor neurons. Also expresses mCherry in the same neurons to help identify the boundaries of the somas, axons, and dendrites. ssmCherry is mCherry with a secretion signal on its N-terminus, which is constitutively secreted and taken up by coelomoctyes in the pseuodcoelomic space, making it a useful marker for those coelomocytes. The INS-22::Venus also gets secreted by DCVs and taken up by coelomocytes. The myo-2::RFP is a co-tranformation marker that lights up the pharyngeal muscle cells and is useful for crossing the integrant into various mutant backgrounds. Reference: Hoover CM, et al. Genetics. 2014 Mar;196(3):745-65.
MutagenGamma Rays
Made byKen Miller
Laboratory KG
Reference Hoover CM, Edwards SL, Yu S, Kittelmann M, Richmond JE, Eimer S, Yorks RM, and Miller KG. (2014). A Novel CaM Kinase II Pathway Controls the Location of Neuropeptide Release from Caenorhabditis elegans Motor Neurons. Genetics 196(3): 745-765*. PMCID: PMC3948804
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