Strain Information

Name GS7637   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypecyk-1(or596) III; arIs198.
DescriptionMaintain at 15C. cyk-1(or596) is temperature-sensitive embryonic lethal. arIs198 [glt-3p::CFP + glt-3p::LifeAct::TagRFP]; expresses cytoplasmic CFP and LifeAct::TagRFP in the excretory canal cell under control of the glt-3 promoter.
Made byDan Shaye
Laboratory QN
Reference Davies, T., Jordan, S. N., Chand, V., Sees, J. A., Laband, K., Carvalho, A. X., et al. (2014). High-resolution temporal analysis reveals a functional timeline for the molecular regulation of cytokinesis. Developmental Cell, 30(2), 209–223. Shaye, D. D., & Greenwald, I. (2016). A network of conserved formins, regulated by the guanine exchange factor EXC-5 and the GTPase CDC-42, modulates tubulogenesis in vivo. Development, 143(22), 4173–4181. http:/
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