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Species C. elegans
Genotypeaff-1(tm2214) II.
DescriptionA 1.2 kb deletion in aff-1 (C44B7.3) which introduce stop codon after alanine 47. AFF-1 is a type I membrane protein necessary and sufficient for specific cell fusion events during embryonic and larval development. Temperature sensitivity was not detected. At 20° the fusion of hyp5 in the embryo does not occur as well as anchor cell (AC) fusion, vulval cells fusion of the A and D rings and the terminal fusion between the seam cells late in L4. 6% L1 rod-like lethal and 0% embryonic lethal. Adults are completely Egl, and partially Unc, Pvl. In addition, only 2% of AC in the mutant worms undergo fusion. These animals give very low brood size (16 progeny per worm) and 3.4% of the worms are sterile. This strain gives very small brood size and hence grows slowly. Originally from Shohei Mitani, Tokyo Women's Medical College, Tokyo, Japan.
Made byAmir Sapir
Laboratory BP
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