Strain Information

Name AV51   View On Wormbase
Species C. elegans
Genotypeme8 X.
DescriptionHomozygotes produce 10-15% XO male self progeny; nondisjuction is correlated with an increased frequency of achiasmate X chromosomes in oocyte nuclei, and an unaltered distribution of X chromosome crossovers. Heterozygotes produce 1-2% male self-progeny. Homozygotes (and XO hemizygotes) are slower growing than WT; reduced male mating efficiency. me8 disrupts the function of the cis-acting X chromosome meiotic pairing center. Molecular studies show that the me8 chromosome carries a terminal deletion that removes >70 kb from the left end of the X chromosome, including the endogenous telomere; further, a segment of chromosome V has been translocated to the left end of X, and a new telomere has been added de novo to the end of the translocated segment.
Made byAnne Villeneuve
Laboratory AV
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