Species Information: Caenorhabditis portoensis

Name Caenorhabditis portoensis
NCBI Taxonomy ID

Caenorhabditis portoensis strains available at the CGC

Strain Genotype Description
EG4788 Caenorhabditis sp. 6 wild isolate. Male-female strain. Maintain by mating. Caenorhabditis sp. 6 wild isolate. Isolated by Michael Ailion and Ana-Joao Rodrigues from a rotting apple collected from the home of Anabela Fernandes in Amares, Portugal (address: Dr. Adolofo Vilela, no. 29, 4720-019 Amares, Portugal). Coordinates: 41 degrees, 37', 43.577 " N; 8 degrees, 20', 51.421 " W. Apple collected March 28, 2007. The apple produced a number of growing animals in different stages, including adults of both sexes. Male/Female Caenorhabditis species. 18S RNA sequence places it closest to PS1010 C. sp. 3.