Laboratory Information

NameDWP View on WormBase
Allele designationups
HeadDavid William Pruyne
InstitutionSUNY-UMU, Syracuse, NY
Address Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
107 Weiskotten Hall
766 Irving Avenue
Syracuse 13210
United States
Gene classes daam 

Strains contributed by this laboratory

Strain Genotype Species Description
DWP219 daam-1(ups39) V. C. elegans Superficially wild-type. ups39 is a CRISPR-engineered deletion within daam-1. daam-1(ups39) encodes an in-frame stop codon near the start of its FH2-coding sequence, and a 1-nt frame shift due to the LoxP site, and is thus predicted encode a non-functional formin. Reference: Sundaramurthy S, et al. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken). 2020 Oct;77(10):422-441. doi: 10.1002/cm.21639. PMID: 33103378.
DWP294 rhIs2. C. elegans rhIs2 [pat-3::HA::GFP]. rhIs2 contains cosmid-derived full-length pat-3, including 5 kb 5’UTR and 1 kb 3’ UTR, with HA and GFP(S65C) tags inserted prior to the pat-3 stop codon. Reference: Plenefisch JD, et al. Development. 2000 127(6):1197-207. doi: 10.1242/dev.127.6.1197.
DWP3 qaIs8001. C. elegans qaIs8001 [fhod-1::GFP + unc-119(+)]. Integrated functional translational FHOD-1::GFP fusion. Superficially wild-type. Reference: Mi-Mi L, et al. J Cell Biol. 2012 Jul 9;198(1):87-102. doi: 10.1083/jcb.201202053.
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