Species Information: Pelodera strongyloides

Name Pelodera strongyloides
NCBI Taxonomy ID 35557

Pelodera strongyloides strains available at the CGC

Strain Genotype Description
DF5013 Pelodera strongyloides wild isolate. 0013. Pelodera strongyloides. Male/Female strain. See WBG 12(5) 14. Originally came from Sudhaus.
DF5022 Pelodera strongyloides wild isolate. WT strain, Pelodera strongyloides. Isolated in April 1948 from pustules in the skin of a cow with dermatitis in central Illinois (see Levine et al 1950). Gonochoristic. May cause dermatitis in mammals (such as domesticated animals, and, rarely, humans). Grows well at 16-24C on OP50. Dauer larvae are the infective stage and are thermotactic. Freezes easily with C. elegans protocols with 70% viability. Previously called Pelodera strongyloides dermatitica by the CGC.
DF5040 Pelodera strongyloides wild isolate. Male/Female strain. Pelodera strongyloides. See WBG 12(5) 14. Originally came from Victor Ambros.