Species Information: Pellioditis pellio

Name Pellioditis pellio
NCBI Taxonomy ID

Pellioditis pellio strains available at the CGC

Strain Genotype Description
SB361 Pellioditis pellio wild isolate. Wild type. Species Pellioditis pellio (Schneider, 1866). Type strain (SB361) of the type species (P. pellio) for genus Pellioditis. A neotype specimen (microscope slide) for this species was made from the strain (deposited at the Wageningen type collection). Reference: Tandingan De Ley I, et al. Pellioditis pelhami n. sp. (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) and Pellioditis pellio (Schneider, 1866), earthworm associates from different subclades within Pellioditis (syn. Phasmarhabditis Andrássy, 1976). Submitted.