Species Information: Oscheius myriophilus

Name Oscheius myriophilus
NCBI Taxonomy ID

Oscheius myriophilus strains available at the CGC

Strain Genotype Description
DF5020 Oscheius myriophilus wild isolate. 0020. Formerly known as Rhabditis (Rhabditis) myriophila. Taxonomy ID: 281680 Isolated by G. O. Poiner (see Poiner, 1986).
EM435 Oscheius myriophilus wild isolate. WT strain. Isolated by D. Fitch in June 1990 from soil in Scott Emmons' compost heap in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, NY. A second strain, DF5038, was isolated from the same location one year later from the head and ventral segments of a male pill bug (Armadillidium vulgare). Hermaphroditic. Males are easily isolated by heat shocking L4 or early adult hermaphrodites at 30C for 6-12 hrs. Grows well at 6-25C on OP50. Dauer larvae accumulate under starved or overcrowded conditions. Freezes easily using C. elegans protocols with 90% viability. Previously called Rhabditis sp. See also WBPaper00003418. Formerly known as Oscheius myriophila.