Species Information: Caenorhabditis tribulationis

Name Caenorhabditis tribulationis
NCBI Taxonomy ID

Caenorhabditis tribulationis strains available at the CGC

Strain Genotype Description
JU2774 Caenorhabditis tribulationis wild isolate. Isolated from humus sampled on 08 August 2014 below the cathedral fig tree Ficus destruens by Danbulla Road, Australia (-17.1774, 145.6600) by Jean-Baptiste PĂ©nigault. Started on 19 August from a plugged female. Crossed with sp. 5 JU727 in both directions; the outcome is more than 100 embryos, no larvae. Previously known as Caenorhabditis sp. 40.
JU2818 Caenorhabditis tribulationis wild isolate. Inbred line derived from JU2774 by 25 rounds of brother-sister mating using a L4 female larva and a male. Used for DNA/RNA sequencing. Previously known as Caenorhabditis sp. 40.