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  • Your user name will be your email address. A confirmation link required to complete registration will be sent to that email address.

  • Step 1: Each lab must have a PI or lab manager account. The PI account MUST be set up before individual members may register as part of the lab. This is an admin-level account for your lab that will allow the PI/lab manager to edit billing information, manage lab members affiliated with their lab code, and view the orders placed by members of their lab. You must set up your account for the new site even if you already have a lab code. If the PI or lab manager places all the orders for the lab, other members of the lab do not need to register individual accounts.

  • Step 2: Each lab member who will be placing orders needs to set up their individual user account. Your individual account will allow you to view the status of your orders and personal order history. If the PI or lab manager places all orders for your lab, you will not need an individual account. You do not need to sign in to search our strain lists, etc.


COVID-19 Impacts on the CGC (15 May 2020 update, 22:00)

As of the date and time listed above, the CGC has resumed partial operations. We are accepting new orders, but we need to resume operations with a "soft restart" currently limited to ~33% normal activity. Given our severely reduced capacity, we ask that orders be limited to only those essential strains needed for your current work. Please note that processing times might be longer than usual as we adapt to new modes of operation with severely limited staff, social distancing, and additional safety measures in the lab. The situation is dynamic, and we will adjust our activities to meet University and government-issued guidelines.

LABS OUTSIDE THE USA: Serving the entire International Community is our number one priority. However, international shipping is still restricted in many countries and there are significant delays in processing and delivery of shipments outside the USA. We ask our international customers to refrain from ordering for two weeks while we investigate shipping times and delivery success rates. We will open to processing all orders as soon as possible.

ALL USERS: Please be sure that you will be able to receive shipments at your institution before placing any new orders.

For orders placed in the 6 weeks before we suspended service (February 17 – March 27, 2020), you have until June 15 to reports problems with shipments impacted by COVID-19.

Please note that the situation continues to change and the CGC will adapt as needed in response to U of M policies and government restrictions. Updates related to CGC activities will be posted on our website.

Hope you are all still staying safe!

-CGC Staff